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Link Power Building Contracting LLC (LPBC) has a dedicated inhouse Structural Design capability for secondary steel Structures.

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Link Power Building Contracting LLC (LPBC)has a dedicated inhouse Structural Design capability for secondary steel Structures.Our Engineers are approved and have license to operate by municipalities. We offer Preliminary and Post Award Structural Design, Drawing & Detailing services related to the Products / Fabrication works to be supplied and constructed & installed by us.

All our designs are based on BS/ASIC codes of standards

We offer Design Services for products to be Manufactured/Fabricated & Constructed / Installed by us for :

  • Light to Medium Structures / Components

  • Perimeter Security Fencing Wind Load Stability Check

  • Design for Gates

  • Gabions - Retaining Walls & Free Standing Structures


The Fabrication Division has been serving the requirements of the Industry since 2006. Over the last 16 Years, this division has evolved into a full fledged fabrication division providing complete services for various Structural requirements with for :

  • Preliminary Post Award Structural Design, Drawing & Detailing based on BS5950 / ASIC Codes

  • Sourcing & Fabrication, Surface Treatment

  • Installation / Erection on Site

  • Post installation Support

    We have been partnering with most local & GCC construction houses to provide our services for

Steel Fabrication Related to

  • Light and Medium Structuressuch as -

Roof Trusses, Roof Sheeting and flashing, Crane Girders; Equipment Mounting Structures & Platform/s; Lift Support Structure; Support Structures for Cladding & Facade, Walkway & Maintenance Platforms etc. Warehouse, Shade enclosures


Architectural Fabrication relating to 

  • Cladding-Aluminum cladding, ACP & SS cladding and Glass Claddings

  • Louvers: Louver screens, Doors and enclosures

  • Canopies: Steel Canopies, Glass canopy, 

  • Pergola/s

  • Railing: Glass Railing, SS railing,

  • Ornamental metal works- Cast Aluminum  & Wrought Iron Products

Protection / Safety related Structures

  • Bollards: Fixed bollards, removable bollards, filled bollards

  • Railings: Protective Railings, Railings for offloading platform 

  • Barriers: Public places, temporary barriers, Pedestrian Bridge Railings, Railings for cycle tracks, Traffic Barriers

  • Protection Screens

  • Cat & Cage Ladders etc., maintenance ladders


Other Fabricated Steel Elements such as 

  • Gratings Supports Structures-for substations 

  • Checkered Plates-LV rooms

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication-Gutters, Flashing etc

  • Cycle Stands

  • Other Bespoke Fabrication based on requirements, Camera Poles & Light Poles

Surface Treatment:

  • Hot Dip Galvanizing According to BS EN ISO 1461: 2009/ ASTM A123

  • Powder Coating: BS EN 12206-1/BS 6497

  • Wet Paint-Airless Spray paint-All as per manufacturer’s data sheet with Jotun Paints (UAE) approved applicator certification.


Link Middle East precast facility was established in 2014 and it is into Specialized Precast concrete products Manufacturing. 

Precast concrete is a construction product produced by casting concrete in a reusable '"mould'' or "form" which is then cured in a controlled environment, transported to the construction site and lifted into place.

We are specialized into various precast concrete products especially associated with power transmission and distribution (PT&D) as well as foundations for-gantries, poles, barriers, fence systems etc. The range of products includes but not limited to Precast concrete cable troughs and covers, Elevated Link Box, flush type link box and route markers. The company is involved in a variety of prestigious projects  related to Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Dubai (DEWA) under strict QA/QC guidelines.

All the required steel moulds and accessories for the moulds are fabricated under inhouse facilities.

Our Precast elements are,

--High Quality product under strict quality control procedures

--High Quality surface finish

--Products are guaranteed because we involve government approved laboratories to carry out the required tests.


Link Middle East & its Group Companies have an efficient Contracting & Installation team which includes, highly qualified & 

experienced professionals, crew to cater to the Civil Contracting & Installation of our products in all terrains & 

even at high altitude heights & difficult site conditions. 

Our site crew is backed by our HSE Staff & Supervisors & all safety related issues are taken care of at every stage of our operations. 

Link Middle East provides periodic training to all our engineers & Staff for our product/s & codes & standard practices are strictly followed.


Structural Steel

1) Warehouses/sheds:

We offer design, supply and installation of wide types of factory sheds, ware houses with steel structural framing in hot rolled steel sections including roof sheeting, gutter as well as wall clad sheeting.


2) Roof Truss:

Roof trusses have overtaken rafters as the most popular way to create a roof frame. And there's a good reason why trusses have become more popular - they’re cheaper, more convenient, and extremely versatile. 

We have successfully delivered more than 20 DEWA/FEWA substations consisting of 18 meter/10 meter roof trusses required for their 400kV and 132/11 kV substation buildings. All these roof trusses come with roof sheeting, bird mesh, flashing and gutters.


3) Crane Girders:

A crane girder is a preformed metal beam on which the hoist head of a traveling overhead crane runs. Such girders are typically “I” profile beams that may be reinforced at various points depending on the loads and crane configuration involved.The beam can be a hot rolled steel section or ‘Built up’beams depending upon the design.


4) Lift Support Structure:

This is the structure where all the accessories of a ‘lift are mounted including cables, a motor and cabin. We design and deliver full steel support structures including maintenance ladders in a lift well.


5) Canopies:

At LPBC we offer a turnkey solution for a variety of canopies-Roof canopies, Entrance canopies that includes but not limited to steel/Stainless Steel framing with a variety of decorative/structural claddings.


6) Structural Support for composite panel & GRC:

This is the steel framing fixed on the external/internal walls for mounting of GRC sheets/panels or Aluminium Composite Panels/Glass etc.The Steel framing mostly in steel hollow sections or combination of other steel sections.


7) Support Structure for solar panels:

We have capability to provide solution for mounting of solar (PV0 panels including wallways, protection railing, platforms and ladders.

Architectural Metal Work

1) Claddings-ACP, Timber, Glass

 We offer a complete solution for a variety of claddings-ACP (aluminium composite Panels), Timber as well as Stainless Steel and Glass. This also includes steel support structure to mount 


2) Louvers and Screens

There are a wide variety of louvers available and that depends upon ultimate end use. At Link Power Building Contracting we offer fabrication of louver/screen frames and doors as per requirement.


3) Canopy:

canopy is an overhead roof or a structure over which a fabric or metal covering is attached. This provides a shade or shelter from sun, hail, snow and rain. 

Architectural canopies include projections giving protection from the weather, or merely decoration. Such canopies are supported by the building to which they are attached


4) Railings-Stainless Steel, Aluminium, steel Rope etc

We design, fabricate supply & install Railings for Malls, Airports, Commercial and residential buildings, Villas and more.

We design railings to suit your needs, keeping in mind a variety of aspects including aesthetics.


5) Curved/Spiral Staircase.

We offer design, fabricate , supply and install curved/spiral staircase either self standing or all as per site conditions. Curved/spiral Stair is very common for Villas/ Clubs.


6) Ornamental Metal Works-Wrought iron gates, boundary fence and railings

Cast Aluminium products-Logo, Boundary Fence and Gates.

Ornamental iron is a decorative element used in fences, gates, handrails, and patio furniture. Also known as wrought iron, it is virtually weatherproof and makes an attractive building material.

Cast Aluminium is the specially modified grade of aluminium with additional flow characteristics which is melted in a furnace and casted in a variety of shapes. The casting can be carried out using sand cast moulds, steel die moulds to make a variety of decorative designs.

These ornamental designs are very commonly used in gates, railings, logos etc. We have our own foundry to suit our cast aluminium designs.


7) Pergola/Domes/Gazebo

Pergola, domes or gazebo can be stand alone, such as a fabric covered. Fabric domes/ Gazebos can meet various design needs. Many modern fabrics are long-lasting, bright, easily cleaned, strong and flame-retardant. This material can be vinyl, acrylic, polyester or canvas. Modern frame materials offer high strength-to-weight ratios and corrosion resistance. The proper combination of these properties can result in safe, strong, economical and attractive products.

We design, supply and install pergolas and domes as per requirement. The pergola can be in Steel Structure with timber purlins or cast aluminum or Aluminium as per customer’s requirement that suits the surroundings. 

Miscellaneous Metal or Non Structural Steel works

1) Cat ladders, Cage Ladders & platform for shafts.

Cat Ladders, cage Ladders & Platforms are designed and fabricated as per site conditions and requirements taking into considerations of actual use, availability of space and dead/live load. 


2) Staircase railing, Railings for offloading platform, safety railings

These are safety railings where the aim is to protect the maintenance crew at higher heights, also useful for exit stairs in residential/commercial towers where the staircase is used only in case of emergency.


3) Gratings, checkered plates and support structure.

Gratings and checkered plates are specifically used for industrial area/ oil field platforms, electrical cabling areas where non slippery floor is mandatory.

We offer complete solutions for design, supply and installation including support structure.


4) Sheet Metal & fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication is the process of turning flat sheets of steel or aluminium into metal structures or products, by cutting, punching, folding and assembling. Sheet metal can be cut, bent or stretched into nearly any shape, which is generally done by either cutting and heating the metal. LPBC offers variety of sheet metal fabrication as it is well equipped with Heavy duty press brakes, shearing machines, laser cut/plasma machines etc.


5) Fencing gates & safety handrails

We design, fabricate supply & install Gate for Industries, Commercial Installations, Oil & Gas Installations, Villas and more.

We offer a complete range of gates for Oil & Gas, Industrial, Commercial, Government & Residential applications. These gates come in different types of construction & design and the size varies from 1m to 30m Long.

We design gate/s to suit your needs, keeping in mind Security, Functional and aesthetic aspects. Our gate sets are available in various sizes and a variety of styles.


6) Steel doors.

We offer various types of steel doors, for compound walls, car garage, offices, power stations etc. These doors are either swing type or sliding type with both manual operated or electrically operated. Design consisting of simple light weight to heavy duty depending upon the requirement. All these designs are totally tailor made for every customer.


7) Safety guard/barrier for parking areas and roof.

LPBC offers a wide variety of designs for safety barriers for parking areas as well as roof parapets. These barriers are either fixed type or removable type depending upon the requirement.

Security System

1) Traffic Barriers.

Traffic barriers keep vehicles within their roadway and prevent them from colliding with dangerous obstacles such as boulders, sign supports, trees, bridge abutments, buildings, walls, and large. LPBC offers wide range of traffic barriers either fixed (permanent or removable)


2) Electrically operated (swing & sliding gates), Pole Barriers

We offer various types of steel doors, for compound walls, car garage, offices, power stations etc. These doors are either swing type or sliding type with both manual operated or electrically operated. Design consisting of simple light weight to heavy duty depending upon the requirement. All these designs are totally tailor made for every customer.

LPBC also offers supply and installation of pole barriers with units supplied by various reputed manufacturers.


3) Bollards

There are various types of bollards and LPBC provides solution to almost all types of bollards that includes but not limited to Concrete bollards, concrete filled steel bollards, removable bollards, stainless steel & stainless steel cladded bollards etc to suit every need of a specific application.

Precast Concrete Products

1) Trough & covers

2) Link Box-Elevated & Flush type

3) Route Markers-Flush and Pole Type

4) All types of foundations



We offer Design Services for products to be Manufactured/Fabricated & Constructed / Installed by us for :

Light to Medium Structures / Components
Perimeter Security Fencing Wind Load Stability Check
Design for Gates
Gabions - Retaining Walls & Free Standing Structures

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